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Antibody Validation

Antibody Validation


LaboSpace scientists have extensive pathology experience,placing them in a
prime position to be able to provide arobust and comprehensive antibody
validation service to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Diagnostic and Research
clients. LaboSpace scientists also have considerableexperience and understanding
of antibody performance from a diagnostic, research and commercial perspective.

In addition, the team of scientists at LaboSpace have developed a proprietary
immunohistology (IHC) staining protocol, that allows rapid and effective IHC
testing of a single antibody.


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Antibody Validation
LaboSpace scientists can perform immunohistochemistry on
a wide range of frozen or formalin fixed paraffin embedded
tissues. LaboSpace offer proprietary and standard IHC
staining protocols for antibody evaluation.

LaboSpace can perform immunofluorescence staining on a
wide range of cell lines and frozen tissue sections.
- Access to a range of human and mouse cell lines
- Human derived primary cell lines are available for
antibody evaluation on request

Flow Cytometry
LaboSpace scientists understand the need to tailor flow
cytometry antibody validation to suit the client’s specific
requirements. Therefore, we offer a fully flexible service for
flow cytometric antibody validation.
- Multi-colour flow cytometry staining and analysis
- Staining up to 4 colours is available
- Protocols for staining cell surface/cytoplasmic and
intranuclear targets
- Full analysis of antibody performance data
including dot plots and histograms for publication