22 Nov 2020  A new Assay for Monitoring the Vaccination effect will be available soon
22 Nov 2020  New Rapid Antigen Test obtain the registration at the Ministry of Health in italy
22 Nov 2020  Labospace service team has been granted of two pubblications helping on Covid screening: Nature Communications EMBO Molecular Medicine
01 Jun 2020  Virtual: 4:00 pm local Italy June 9th Automated CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Engineering Using Synthetic sgRNAs
16 May 2020  Yourgene Health and Labospace launch COVID-19 molecular test Clarigene
24 Apr 2020  Viral RNA Extraction Reagents are available from Labospace
05 Apr 2020  Labospace is fully operating with all the measure in place to prevent the safety of the employees and of the comunity
05 Apr 2020  1 hour PCR Covid-19 kit CE-IVD now available
01 Apr 2020  Biomarker Immunological screening on Covid-19 samples now available
19 Jan 2020  Cytokine Storm Biomarker Screening – Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test CE-IVD – Automated Viral RNA extraction – PCR Covid-19 test
07 Jan 2020  Norgen Small RNA and microRNA kit extraction now available
29 Nov 2019  Labospace is supporting TheMiniOne in European operations
29 Nov 2019  Labospace obtain ISO13485 Certification
15 Sep 2019  Abnova and Labospace to collaborate on Circulating Rare Cell Positive Enrichment
08 Jan 2019  Dog Microbioma test now available!