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Biomarker Immunological screening on Covid-19 samples up to 400 different markers testing menu on multiplex platform able up to 65 analyte on the same sample

NGS  Next Gen Sequencing on COVID-19 samples.

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TANBead’s automated platform extraction RNA CE-IVD certified

Hybribio’s COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit CE-IVD certified

Monocent ELISA IgG IgM IgA Covid-19 and Rapid test IgG IgM CE-IVD 

Embitec Pre-cast gels, DNA electrophoresis systems, illuminators, pipettes, centrifuges, reagents.

Anti IL-6 & IL-6 CE-IVD Elisa kit

Norgen Collection Extraction Detection

Abnova Rapid Igg/IgM kit and ELISA kit  

Synthego Gene Editing solutions Cas13a/Cas13d Guide RNA sequences targeting SARS-CoV-2

Exbio Flow Cytometry COVID-19 Cellular Immunoresponse Monitoring Kits

Recombinat Protei



All the products and services mentioned are exclusively for professional users and are not sold to any private person