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cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservation
For the collection and the preservation of cf-DNA, circulating tumor DNA, cf-RNA and circulating tumor cells in human whole blood samples during storage and shipping.
Total RNA Purification
Isolate total RNA (including microRNA) from a range of samples including cells, bacteria, yeast, virus and bodily fluids including plasma/serum, blood, saliva, CSF and more.
Total Genomic DNA
Norgen’s Total genomic DNA Purification Kits allow for the isolation of total genomic DNA of all sizes from a wide range of sample inputs including cells, tissues, urine, blood, stool, FFPE samples, plants and soil.
Exosome Purification
An all-in-one system for the concentration and isolation of exosomal RNA from plasma, serum, ascitic fluid, urine and culture media.
Molecular Diagnostics
An extensive selection of pathogen detection kits and quantified DNA standards for pathogens.
Next Generation Sequencing
Extensive expertise in RNA isolation and library preparation down to ultra low RNA inputs from all types of samples including bodily fluids, like plasma, serum, urine, exosomes.

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