RNA Profiling

Our RNA Assays service measure gene targets directly from cell lysates or tissue homogenates with no need to purify RNA. Target RNA transcripts are captured through probe hybridization, and then branched DNA technology amplifies a signal. The signal is read using a Luminex platform.

RNA quantitation—measure up to 80 genes in a single well


Our assays are suitable for an high-throughput solution for multiplexed gene expression quantitation, allowing the simultaneous measurement of up to 80 genes of interest in a single well. The assay is hybridization-based and incorporates branched DNA (bDNA) technology, which uses signal amplification rather than target amplification for direct measurement of RNA or DNA transcripts.


Biomarker Assay
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Apoptosis and Autophagy Human Mouse Rat
Unfolded protein response
Cancer signaling Human Mouse Rat
Angiogenic growth factors and angiogenesis inhibitors
Breast cancer and estrogen receptor signaling
Cancer pathway
Cancer drug resistance and metabolism
Cell cycle
Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT)
Extracellular matrix and adhesion molecules
Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes
Tumor metastasis
Cardiology and bone biology Human Mouse Rat
Skeletal muscle—myogenesis and myopathy
Epigenetics Human Mouse Rat
Epigenetic chromatin modification enzymes
Epigenetic chromatin remodeling factors
Polycomb group (PcG) genes and DNA methylation
Transcription factors
Inflammation and immunology Human Mouse Rat
Cell surface markers
Chemokines and receptors
Cytoskeleton regulators
Dendritic and antigen-presenting cell
HIV infection and host response
Inflammatory cytokines and receptors
Inflammatory response and autoimmunity
Innate and adaptive immune responses
Interferon α and β response
Interferon and receptor
Interferon (IFN) and receptor mouse
T cell and B cell activation
T cell activation
T cell anergy and immune tolerance
Th17 for autoimmunity and inflammation
T helper cell differentiation
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand and receptor
Metabolism and Endocrinology Human Mouse Rat
Fatty acid metabolism
Glucose metabolism
Insulin signaling pathway
Mitochondrial energy metabolism
Neuroscience Human Mouse Rat
Neurogenesis and neural stem cell
Neuroscience ion channels and transporters
Neurotransmitter receptors and regulators
Neurotrophin and receptors
Stem cells Human Mouse Rat
Embryonic stem cells
Endothelial cell biology
Hematopoietic stem cells and hematopoiesis
Mesenchymal stem cell
Stem cell
Stem cell signaling
Terminal differentiation markers
Toxicity and drug metabolism Human Mouse Rat
Drug metabolism
Drug metabolism phase I enzymes
Drug metabolism phase II enzymes
Drug transporters
Lipoprotein signaling and cholesterol metabolism
Stress and toxicity
Housekeeping genes Human Mouse Rat
Housekeeping genes
Custom Human Mouse Rat
Any gene for any model organism