Transcriptome Gene Expression

Ion Torrent S5 Thermo Fisher

Our Transcriptome Gene Expression service enables the simultaneous measurement of the expression levels of over 20,000 human RefSeq genes in a single shoot for any info please contact 
Also providing low input levels of total RNA derived from challenging samples such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue or other samples with degraded RNA, we can obtain comprehensive, highly sensitive, gene expression measurements from a wide range of RNA sources.
We provide:
• Flexible samples needs with as little as 10 ng of total RNA from FFPE samples, cells, or other sources
• Representation of over 20,000 human RefSeq genes
• Deliver a wider dynamic range with an improved sensitivity compared to conventional microarray analysis

Wider dynamic range for enhanced performance
With a wider dynamic range and improved gene detection compared to conventional microarray analysis, pur service provides a clear solution to researchers needing enhanced performance for their gene expression needs. Ask us how to help you on  sample-to-gene quantitation in less than 7 days and increase your throughput delivery.

Ion Torrent S5 Thermo Fisher
Ion Torrent S5

Automatic data analysis with Torrent Suite™ plug-in 
Using the complementary analysis plug-in available with Torrent Suite™ software, gene quantitation information is automatically compiled, minimizing the requirement for costly computational resources and bioinformatics expertise to process raw sequencing data into meaningful information. An easy to interpret, highly portable table is produced containing all genes interrogated and their respective expression levels, output that may be used with a variety of existing software applications for downstream analysis of microarray or next-generation sequencing data.



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