MiniOne Systems Italy

Electrophoresis and PCR in the classroom

MiniOne products are innovative tools designed and manufactured to allow the adoption of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and biotechnological education by all the various bodies that deal with education, in presence and at a distance Electrophoresis and PCR within everyone's reach.

Adoption of MiniOne products facilitates alignment of activities based on curriculum standards made in different parts of the world as it is easily adaptable to local needs Download some examples here.

MiniOne partners with nationally and globally recognized programs with initiatives to provide training and materials to teachers/schools, enabling an authentic approach to teaching modern biology.
These programs, Amgen Biotech ABE – North Carolina Bionetwork – Fred Hutch/Science Education Partnership (SEP) as an example, need reliable products that work in a wide variety of educational environments and that is why they chose MiniOne products for their outreach activity.