Histopathology & Histology

Our Pathology service is managed by our highly qualified team able to perform Histopathology and Histology testing on Human, Mouse or any other Species Specimens.

Our experts can provide specialized and personalized advice on project planning and development, from the positioning of the specimen during the embedding up to the full layout of the experiment.
Our full-service histology laboratories and hubs strategically positioned in Europe takes available both the infrastructure and the scientific expertise to readily meet the evolving needs of our customers.
Your research goals are time-sensitive, that’s why we have a Biobank of validated and approved tissues that will save you time and greatly reduce your costs.
Standard and proprietary validated protocols are ISO driven and approved and our commitment to quality is underlined by having all our services under ISO 9001:2015.

What to expect from our Pathology Service

• We fully manage your specimens, or you can have access to pathological samples ethically approved and fully validated from our biobank source
• Full technical and scientific support with tailored consultancy service to meet your experimental and research needs
• We accept fresh tissue, cells, paraffin-embedded tissue, unstained slides and any other type of tissue/samples, the following tests are available according to your needs
• We process, section, and stain specimens according to your specifications
• A full range of routine and special histological stains for paraffin and frozen tissue sections
• We use standardized staining protocols with careful reagent management to minimize artefacts, high background and false positives.
• Tissue repository available
• We have a large and growing panel of over 500 antibodies with fully optimized protocols for use on human, murine and other tissues
• High-quality results for your custom requirements
• Detailed Pathologist's Report (on request)
• Digital Slide Scanning and temporary storage

Our Pathology Services

Histology Services

H&E Staining
Special Staining
Additional Block
Reading and Reporting

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Multiplex IHC Staining: Mouse Colon, Colorazione HE


Setup of Primary Antibody for IHC
Single IHC & Multiplex IHC Staining
Image and Data Analysis by certified Pathologist (if requested)

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Multiplex IHC Staining: Human Lung CD68/cb-1 Single IHC Staining: Human Placenta, CD34

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