Labospace is a provider of laboratory services for scientific research based in Italy and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

The services provided by our Laboratory include analysis of biomarkers on different platforms (Luminex, Elisa, etc.), analysis of the Microbiome using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) method and analysis of Pathological Anatomy (IHC, IF, special stains, etc.).
The use of internally validated methodologies and certified materials allows us to provide a reliable, highly specific and high-value result.
The laboratory is located in Via Ranzato 12 in Milan and is spread over a large surface completely new and equipped with the latest scientific instrumentation able to compete with the most modern research facilities.
The project was drawn up by professionals working in the field of Molecular Biology and Pathological Anatomy; The organization of the spaces therefore offers a perfect functional harmony.
Labospace includes a business unit dedicated to the distribution of diagnostic products and products for Life Science.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a laboratory service with high standards to which the customer can entrust his samples with extreme security and outsource part of his work.

Our Vision

To exceed the expectations of our customers by offering increasingly innovative and high quality standard and bespoke services. We are never satisfied with the results achieved, but pursue innovation and continuous improvement of our organization, our products and our service.

Our Values

We strive to do things well, with precision, peace and passion: always.
We believe in our team, we allow you to take risks and learn from mistakes.
We want to create a sustainable, ever-growing company: for everyone.
Ethics not as a concept but as culture.

With the conviction that doing things well from the first time brings concrete benefits to us and our customers to such an extent that it involves satisfying both, our strategy consists in:

maintain a quality system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for all company activities

maintain an adequate level of sensitivity towards the needs of external and internal customers in order to understand and satisfy their needs through their work

maintain a high level of competence, which allows a continuous development of new services

create a work environment that attracts talented people and allows them to develop their full potential and puts staff at the heart of the business as we believe it is our most valuable assets

We strive to do things with precision, peace and passion. Always.

At Labospace we support continuous commitment:

• In the commercial field, examining the market and identifying new needs/expectations from customers

• In purchasing, establishing a close technical and operational collaboration with our suppliers in order to guarantee continuous innovation of our offer.

• In technical assistance through the sharing of in-depth documentation on the products sold and service in line with customer expectations also from the point of view of timeliness and speed of response

• Within the laboratory offering advanced research services through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and software, guaranteeing timeliness, and certainty of the data and distinguishing ourselves from our competitors for the knowledge developed over the years.