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Absolute Biotech specializes in antibody reagents, kits and services

Absolute Biotech unites expertise from multiple antibody-centric brands into a single organization. Brands within the Absolute Biotech family include:

Absolute Antibody, experts in antibody engineering and recombinant antibody technology

• LSBio, leaders in IHC validation with a comprehensive catalog of antibodies, proteins and ELISAs
• Kerafast, which facilitates access to unique laboratory-made research tools
• Nordic-MUbio, which develops antibody and flow cytometry reagents according to ISO 9001 guidelines
• Everest Biotech, specialists in anti-peptide and antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies
• Exalpha, which offers cutting-edge antibodies, reagents, kits and custom IgY services

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  1. Off-the-shelf antibodies kits

    We specialize in adding value to existing antibodies through annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering and recombinant manufacturing.

  2. Reagents

    Reagents in our catalog include primary and secondary antibodies, ELISA and assay kits, IHC antibodies and reagents, cell lines and proteins, and flow cytometry buffers. Available services include antibody sequencing, antibody engineering, recombinant antibody expression, and IgY antibody produciton. 

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