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MiniOne® Systems produces molecular biology equipment and labs designed specifically for biology classrooms – an educational line of compact, affordable, classroom-safe versions of the Embi Tec technology you know and trust. The electrophoresis and thermocycler have been called “revolutionary” and “game-changing” by educators world wide, and have made practical and relevant molecular biology concepts accessible to students in classrooms from New York City to the jungles of Peru. By allowing students to get hands-on with every step of the lab process from pouring gels to watching DNA separate in real-time, this technology has freed up teachers’ time while giving students a true hands-on lab experience.
Visit their website to learn more about our classroom-friendly MiniOne Electrophoresis and PCR systems, inquiry-based MiniLabs, and biology lab essentials like micropipettes and centrifuges.

  1. The MiniOne Electrophoresis System

    The MiniOne Electrophoresis System is redesigned from the ground up to fit the requirements of educators. By bringing together the convenient built-in power supply of Embi Tec's RunOne Electrophoresis System and the lateral blue LED illumination of the PrepOne Sapphire Illuminator, MiniOne produces reliable, research-quality results in a format that is fast, safe, and simple to use. Built-in DNA visualization provides a way to connect the technology of science with the technology that students use in their everyday lives.

  2. The MiniOne PCR System

    The MiniOne PCR System provides a fast and reliable hands-on PCR DNA amplification experience in the classroom. Students can set up reactions and program and monitor their PCR protocol on mobile tablets (iPad or Android), smartphones, and laptops - all in one classroom session. Peltier-driven heating and cooling with an optimized control algorithm completes a typical amplification protocol 50% faster than air cooled thermal cyclers. The PCR System is more than just a thermal cycler. It is also a heat block and a cold block, replacing that messy, bacteria-infested water bath. Use it for precisely-timed restriction digests, transformations, DNA extractions, or just keeping reagents at a constant temperature.

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