MiniOne® Systems produce molecular biology equipment and labs designed specifically for biology classrooms.

MiniOne® Systems and MiniLabs are compact, affordable, classroom-safe versions of the Embi Tec technology you know and trust. Our electrophoresis and thermocycler have been called “revolutionary” and “game-changing” by educators worldwide, and have made practical and relevant molecular biology concepts accessible to students in classrooms from New York City to the jungles of Peru. By allowing students to get hands-on with every step of the lab process from pouring gels to watching DNA separate in real-time, we’ve freed up teachers’ time while giving students a true hands-on lab experience.

What Minione Do

  • Cassroom-friendly Electrophoresis and PCR systems
  • Inquiry-based MiniLabs
  • Biology lab essentials (micropipettes and centrifuges)
  • MiniOne Electrophoresis System: Safe, Engaging, and Reliable
  • NEW – Let it Glow™ Bacterial Transformation MiniLab
  • NEW – The SpiniOne™ & SpiniOne™ 2020
  • NEW – The Winston
  • NEW – Pipetting and Gel Loading Practice Kit
  • MiniOne MiniLabs


MiniOne PCR System:

Fast, Intuitive, and Accessible

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