OPTIKA Italy is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and distribution of educational and laboratory equipment, with a 45-year experience in the production of scientific equipment. People worldwide rely on OPTIKA products and solutions for significant discoveries and the most diversified applications, every day. Our core values are driven by the desire to improve customer’s experience, by creating innovative technologies, ensuring the highest quality standards and expanding access to our products.

What Optika Do

OPTIKA is ISO 9001 Certified since 2009.
All our products undergo a strict quality control process in our headquarters, whereby 100% of the products are individually tested to ensure they match premium quality standards.
By choosing OPTIKA, you decide to invest on genuine instruments. In fact, most of our products are Assembled in Italy by skilled technicians to provide superior performance; some others are Made in Italy, all planned, manufactured and packed in Italy.
Improving the quality and features of all our products and creating more value is a continuous challenge for us. As an additional demonstration of our commitment, a 5-year warranty is ensured on most of the products

OPTIKA Microscopes
With more than 100 models, fully accessorized, to virtually suit every customer need from educational to research applications

OPTIKA Balances
Over 25 series of counting scales for educational, laboratory and industrial purposes

OPTIKA Science
A huge range of instruments, kits and lab furniture for the school’s scientific laboratories, from primary to high schools.

All our products undergo a strict quality control process whereby 100% of the goods are individually tested to ensure premium quality standards according to our mission that is something we constantly care about: customer success!

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