Shipping Your Samples

Ready to ship your samples?

Follow our shipping guidelines to ensure that your samples reach our Labs safely and securely.

Packaging of biological samples for international shipments should contain the following:

- Primary box containing the samples
- Secondary packaging containing dry ice
- Outer carton packaging with biohazard labelling
- The waybill to be affixed to the outer box will be provided by the Labospace team along with a packing slip listing the entire contents of the shipment.
- Samples must be placed in the boxes in the same order as they are listed on the packing slip.

The following information should be listed on the packing slip:

- Customer's name and address
- A complete list of the samples included in the shipment (see our sample template).
- Storage temperature of the sample(s)
- Indication of the service code provided by the Labospace team
- The volume of each sample

We’re here to discuss your needs and help you decide on the best protocol for your project.

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