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The Biomarkers Multiplex Immunoassay Service offered by Labospace is a highly efficient tool for quantifying the levels of multiple proteins in biological samples.
Our Biomarker Service Team are highly skilled and experienced professionals who will work with you through every stage of your project to help you deliver high-quality data and results.

We use the Luminex™ FLEXMAP 3D, the most advanced and versatile multiplexing platform, to measure up to 500 analytes in a single sample volume as small as 10-50uL.
The Luminex system allows fast read time and it’s compatible with 96- and 384-well plates.
The Luminex system is a highly efficient tool performing up to sub-picogram level sensitivity and with up to 4 logs dynamic range.

Biomarker assays carried out with Luminex™ technology are cost-effective, quality-regulated and highly reproducible.

Our commitment to quality is underlined by having all our services under ISO 9001:2015 together with our participation in independent External Quality Assessment protocols.

In order to be able to continuously improve the services we run standard quality assessments with every customer after the conclusion of the assigned work.
We monthly perform internal quality audits and we are always pleased to welcome any quality check or inspection.

At Labospace we care about your samples

We have streamlined our Luminex™ assay service by organising the logistics from start to finish.
We will provide you with dry ice, select the best shipping method and schedule and book the courier service so that your samples arrive at our labs safely and securely.

Shipping your samples

Ready to ship your samples?

Follow our shipping guidelines to ensure that your samples reach our labs safely and securely.
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    We provide you with dry ice at your collection point.
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    Select your preferred shipping method and schedule the courier service so that your samples arrive to our labs safely and securely.

What to expect from our Luminex Assay Service

• The most flexible and accurate multiplex assay service available
• Reproducible, quantitative, high-quality data from a small sample volume
• Smaller sample size requirements compared to single result assays
• Full technical support with tailored advice to meet your experimental and research needs
• User-friendly ordering with the support of our expert team.
• Build your own panel from over 800 analytes [link to analytes page].
• Optimize your time and resources to focus on other projects.
• Available in fixed Luminex panels or custom panels designed by our expert team.
• Results and Report shared on secure Cloud storage System with custom authentication

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Sample collection & shipment

Labospace team will organise samples pick-up to our laboratory.

Sample management

We care about your samples while we process the data.

Data delivery

Run analysis and provide data report.

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