For over fifty years, the people of Antibodies Incorporated have dedicated themselves to supporting the life-enhancing, breakthrough work of scientists everywhere. We fulfill our mission with an extensive cataloge of validated neuroscience antibodies and a suite of services governed by a stringent and long-established Quality Management System — and we do it all in Davis, California, USA.

What Antibodies Incorporated – Neromab Do

Our commitments are simple:

o Support science, inquiry, knowledge and the innovations that come from it

o Produce reliable products and services timely and responsibly

o Contribute ideas where we can to our customers’ investigations

o Be honest, and deal with people who are looking for and telling the truth

o Focus on serving a higher purpose and trust that you will be more successful for it

In addition to high-quality products, our company has developed a range of services intended to accelerate our customers’ discovery processes.

o Contract Manufacturing

o Antibody Development

o Hybridoma mAB Scale-Up

o Antibody Purification

o ELISA / ImmunoAssay

o Antibody Conjugation

o Animal Housing Services

o Custom Service Advantages

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