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LaboSpace is a laboratory service provider with branches in UK and Italy operating in the area of Immunology, Cancer Research, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Disease, Endocrinology and Target Therapy application. LaboSpace services for the research market cover IHC validation, Multiplex IHC, Luminex and Elisa assays platform, DNA/RNA large HTS extraction. In May 2011 LaboSpace was granted by the Local Government of the accreditation as Diagnostic laboratory.




LaboSpace Life Science division has become distributor in Italy for Proteintech, a fresh and exciting biotech company producing high quality antibodies, over 90% of their antibodies are raised against the whole recombinant protein.

This gives our antibodies superior protein recognition capabilities and versatility. We use primary tissues and regular cell lysates to perform all of our validations.

You can be sure that any Proteintech antibody you choose will be successful when they make the transition from our validation to your experiments!

LaboSpace Life Science division has become distributor in UK and Italy for Axol, a fresh and exciting biotech company founded to fulfill the unmet demand for high quality iPS cell-derived, clinically relevant cells for use in biomedical research and discovery

LaboSpace Veterinary division launched the FISH Canine Gastro infection panel.

LaboSpace Multiplex panels increase with a new Flow Cytometry platform.

LaboSpace Life Science division has become distributor in UK and Italy for YSL Bio.

LaboSpace Life Science division has become distributor in UK and Italy for Array Bridge.

LaboSpace announce the opening of the Life Science and Veterinary division.

Human Genetic

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DNAandLIFE is our attention to the
world of Diagnostics Genetics
reminding the ethical sense and
analytical achieved in our Life Science
and Lab Services activities.
DNAandLIFE  molecular biology
laboratory can meet the needs
of its customers through a wide range
of diagnostic tests and personalized
services designed on the specific needs
of each customer.
Our laboratory can perform  molecular
tests panels for the cardiovascular area,
genetic diseases, infertility,
molecular oncology, forensic genetic,
newborn screening and nutrigenetics area.
These tests can be supplied either in “service”
to private institutions, public and private
DNAandLIFE qualified experts offer their
skills to develop molecular protocols dedicated
to research laboratories.