We can design custom panels to suit your projects requirements

Luminex panels are available off the shelf or can be custom-made by our expert team to suit your project’s requirements. Just select the analytes of interest from our multiplex menu.

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What to expect from our Luminex Assay Service

• The most flexible and accurate multiplex assay service available
• Reproducible, quantitative, high-quality data from a small sample volume
• Smaller sample size requirements compared to single result assays
• Full technical support with tailored advice to meet your experimental and research needs
• User-friendly ordering with the support of our expert team.
• Build your own panel from over 800 analytes [link to analytes page].
• Optimize your time and resources to focus on other projects.
• Available in fixed Luminex panels or custom panels designed by our expert team.
• Results and Report shared on secure Cloud storage System with custom authentication

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