Single Parameter Testing

Labospace offers highly efficient tools for in measuring biomarkers levels in a single analyte assay using commercial kits, antibody pairs and direct ELISA protocols according to the international standards and internally generated SOPs.
Our expert team can perform ELISA optimisation, sharing our spike and recovery protocols when sample validation is needed and develop custom made assay.
Labospace, on request, provides an innovative platform that guarantee an increased dynamic range than traditional ELISAs, triplets data points per analyte based improving reproducibility all thanks to automated microfluidics principles.
Our commitment to quality is underlined by having all our services under ISO 9001:2015 together with our participation in independent External Quality Assessment protocols.
We continuously improve our services running standard quality assessment with every customer after the conclusion of the assigned work.
We monthly perform internal quality audits, and we are always pleasant to welcome any quality check or inspection.

What to expect from our ELISA service:

• High reproducibility
• Accurate, precise and reliable service
• Increased dynamic range and sensitivity compared with traditional ELISA methods when microfluidic approach is used
• Over 5.000 ready-to-use ELISAs, antibody pairs, direct ELISAs to choose from!
• Assay development support
• Full technical support with tailored advice to meet your experimental and research needs
• In the past decade we have analysed more than 60.000 samples
• high-quality test and data feedback with reports created by experienced professionals
• Optimize your time and resources to focus on other projects.
• Detailed protocols are available that includes inter- and intra-assay precision, recovery, linearity, sensitivity, and sample value data.
• Results and Report shared on secure Cloud storage System with custom authentication

At Labospace we care about your samples

Shipping your samples

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Sample management

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Data delivery

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