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Biomatik has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 2002, with over 35 distributors in the world. We offer a wide range of products and services, including ELISA Kits, Catalog Antibodies, Catalog Proteins, and Custom Gene, Peptide, Protein & Antibody Production Services. In addition to our catalog products, Biomatik has delivered 72,000+ custom-made products to our researchers worldwide. You can count on the quality products and support from Biomatik for your research needs. Please view our Customer Testimonials, Selected Publications, and over 4,000 publications citing our fine products on Google Scholar.

Customized services: Gene synthesis, Peptide synthesis, Protein expression, Polyclonal antibody production, De novo antibody sequencing and recombinant antibody production.

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  1. Our extensive experience in gene synthesis technologies has afforded us the capability to take on the most complex of gene sequences. Unlike traditional molecular cloning technologies, Biomatik’s gene synthesis service offers cost-effective solutions and quick turn-around time for your custom DNA synthesis, cloning, and/or recombinant expression project needs. We also offer a wide range of downstream services, including subcloning, mutagenesis, and plasmid preparations. Our extensive experience in peptide synthesis technologies has afforded us the capability to take on a wide range of sequences, purity levels, and modifications to meet your research needs. Our high success rate means you will get your custom peptide made so you can move forward with your research goals. If we fail to synthesize the peptide at the specified quantity and purity, there is absolutely no charge to you. We offer this same guarantee regardless of peptide complexity! Our custom protein production service utilizes our proprietary codon optimization algorithm and in-house gene synthesis technology to offer customers the best customized research products at affordable prices. We offer a risk-free guarantee for most proteins (95% success rate. Our expert team can guide you through from project design to antigen selections, to help make the best choice in achieving your research goals. Many of our custom antibody packages do offer risk-free guarantees. There is absolutely no cost to you if we cannot produce the antibody. We offer risk free guarantee for most polyclonal antibody production using peptide or protein antigens from E. Coli No Antibody, No Charge. Our de novo antibody sequencing platform works specifically with IgG antibodies and does not require access to the cell line, and guarantee 100% coverage of the desired regions as well as accuracy. With 200µg of antibody (≥90%), we can identify all amino acids (distinguish between isoleucine and leucine) and deliver the sequencing data within as little as 2-3 weeks. With the antibody sequencing data, we can then produce your recombinant antibody with guaranteed antibody affinity by ELISA.

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