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OriGene offers a ready-to-use solution for all genes, human and mouse, that has been verified in the laboratory.
We have a searchable bank of over 586,116 cDNA Clones, many of them are sequenced and protein expression is verified. In addition, we offer over 27K recombinant proteins and 144K primary antibodies.
We are only company to provide complete solution starting from clone to antibody and assays, a one-stop-shop leading you from genomics to proteomics.
Current OriGene product portfolio has over a million products that enable scientists analyze the proteome universe.
It includes four key brands: MVPro, TrueRAB, TrueMAB and our ultra-specific antibodies UltraMAB.
In addition, we recently launched CytoSection, the novel control for IHC, ICC and ISH.
Today researchers can start their journey with a clone from our TrueClone collection and complete the analysis by developing an assay system using our Ultra-Specific antibodies. We empower researchers in their journey to move from Genomics to Proteomics.
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