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The company provides assay kits that detect and quantify both prokaryotic (DNA Gyrase, Topoisomerase IV) and eukaryotic topoisomerases (Topoisomerase I, IIa, IIb, III) both in vitro and in vivo.

We also offer a complete line of DNA substrates and DNA cleavage targets, topoisomerase inhibitors, topoisomerase antibodies, and kit replenishment reagents. 

A related series of products on DNA repair are also a key part of our offering.  Topoisomerase drugs often induce genomic DNA damage, thereby killing the tumor cell.  When combined with agents that mitigate or inhibit DNA repair, the panoply of Topo Drugs and their tumor cell killing, may be significantly elevated.  For this reason, TopoGEN scientists have also developed highly specific cell lines that all researchers to interrogate endogenous DNA repair pathways (Homologous Recombination Repair or HR and Non-Homologous End Joining or NHEJ) all within the context of the live cell. Drugs that target HR and NHEJ will likely synergize with existing and newly discovered Topo drugs.  This is a powerful combinatorial approach and we can help you with both novel topo drug discovery as well as finding agents that cripple HR and NHEJ.

Our contract screening service offers you powerful, mechanism based custom screens developed and conducted entirely in house. Our cell based (in vivo) screens for detecting topoisomerase I and II poisons in the context of the cancer cell represents the new gold standard for identification of novel anti cancer agents.

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